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Sullivan Steel Becomes Exclusive North American Distributor for Aubert & Duval High-Performance Stainless Steels



Pennington, N.J., USA and Paris, France – 23 June 2016 -- Aubert & Duval and Sullivan Steel today entered into an agreement for Sullivan to be the exclusive North American distributor of Aubert & Duval’s XD15NW, CX13VDW and XD16N corrosion resistant premium steels.

These lines of high-grade stainless steels have been used mainly for critical bearing and ball screw applications, as well as the paper and food processing industries. Sullivan Steel is the largest independent North American distributor of premium bearing steels and key supplier to the Bearing Market. Sullivan Steel often takes a lead role facilitating testing and development for client applications, while also supporting high volume production with immediate material availability.

The agreement, which formalizes a relationship started in 2011, provides a foundation for Sullivan’s continued investment in inventory, marketing and research & development.

“Aubert & Duval is widely respected for developing and providing unique quality steels and superalloys for all markets with challenging applications.” said Bob Trainer of Sullivan Steel. “We are truly honored to be the exclusive North American distributor of these three crucial problem-solving steels for the bearing industry.”

“Sullivan Steel is the ideal partner for us in expanding these products in the North American Bearing market,” said Didier Laveze, Aerospace Long Products Business Unit Director of Aubert & Duval. “Sullivan is a longstanding and well-respected partner to the Bearing industry. They have been a key catalyst for us in broadening our reach and solidifying our supply chain to North America, and we are delighted to formalize an exclusive relationship through this agreement.”

XD15NW (AMS5925) is an ESR re-melted martensitic stainless steel primarily used in mission-critical aerospace bearings and ball screws.

XD16N (AMS5926) is a high-nitrogen martensitic stainless steel for corrosion, temperature and wear resistance for non-flight critical applications. It is essentially an "air-melt only" version of XD15NW, offering similar performance qualities at a lower price point.

CX13VD(W) is a carburizing stainless steel for structural applications, such as ball-screws, and is an alternative spec to Pyrowear® 675.




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